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One of the most important tasks is determining the value of your business. This process is both a science and an art. Naturally, as your life’s work, you will have an emotional attachment to your business, which affects your perception of its value. Unfortunately, more often than not this is unlikely to match the actual market value. Often this is a jolt to your system, so be prepared for a possible shock. If it’s an asset sale you should determine what assets you wish to sell and those you wish to keep.

The sales price is critical to achieving a good return on your investment. Marketing the sale of the business correctly to provide maximum exposure is extremely important. This enables the business to be sold for the highest value. Sales formulas are comprised based on a Multiple of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). Determining the EBITDA is the start in measuring a company's potential value in a sale.

Recent sales of comparable businesses (or ‘comps’) comprise this multiple of EBITDA. This starts by identifying similar businesses that have sold in the area. Small businesses typically trade for between 1x to 4x EBITDA. The difference in the multiple is generally the result of a variety of characteristics specific to your business industry, type and qualities.

What justifies a higher or lower Sales Price

Challenges In Selling A Business

Before you try to sell, make sure you know what buyers want. When finding a "GOOD DEAL" buyers identify a business that is important to them. A business may be seen as worthless by one buyer, yet be worth millions to another. The difference is the fit and opportunities recognized by the buyer. The person who perceives the most of the opportunity pays the best price.

If you decide that selling your business is the right strategy for you, be sure that you cover all your bases. In order to sell your business officially, you will need to prepare a sales agreement. This is the key document in buying the business assets or stock of a company. It is important to make sure the agreement is accurate and contains all the terms of the purchase. It is in this agreement that you should define everything that you intend to purchase of the business, assets, customer lists, intellectual property and goodwill.

Some points to consider: Confidentiality - how do you minimize the possibility of employees, vendors, and competitors, finding out that your business is for sale? An experienced and competent broker operates on a "need to know" basis by first evaluating prospective buyers and only then having them sign a confidentiality agreement.

Prepare Your Business for Sale: during this stage of the sale process, we will take a close look at your business operations, the appearance of your business, and the condition of your financial books to determine what changes are important to make before the business is listed for sale. For example, if you own a wholesale business we may recommend that you establish clear procedures and train key employees on those procedures before you list the business for sale. Likewise, if you own a retail store, we may suggest a fresh coat of paint, new signs or other cosmetic changes to increase the value of your business. Regardless of the type of business you operate, we will help make sure that your books are well organized and complete so that potential buyers will be confident in their purchase.

Because buyers these days tend to be better educated, it is essential that even if the business facility is not a clean and tidy as it should be, an owner who wishes to sell their business, should pay extra special attention to presenting the financial picture of the business. Accuracy and transparency is essential if the owner wishes to avoid any possible suspicion on the part of the buyer, since poorly presented financials will be red flags every time. In fact, not only financials should be well documented, but also, every aspect of the business should be committed to paper to tangiblize the business. This is especially true for a service business that has little in the way of assets, as in reality all that is being sold is the goodwill and customer list.

Once you have decided to sell, the first thing you have to do is to gather information about the business.

Here’s a checklist of the items you should get together:

  • Three years’ profit and loss statements
  • Federal Income Tax returns for the business
  • List of fixtures and equipment
  • The lease and lease-related documents
  • A list of the loans against the business (amounts and payment schedule)
  • Copies of any equipment leases
  • A copy of the franchise agreement, if applicable
  • An approximate amount of the inventory on hand, if applicable
  • The names of any outside advisors

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Define Your Criteria

Before beginning to look for a business to buy, define your criteria. Things to consider: geographic area; amount of time you have available to manage your business; required cash flow and size and type of business that match your financial resources and your skill set.

Once you have decided, begin the search.

Offer to purchase

An offer to purchase spelling out proposed price, terms and conditions of sale is prepared. Either side may revise or quit for any reason.

Due diligence and closing

Check out the business thoroughly. If needed, engage professionals to assist in closing.

Closing documents are prepared, reviewed and executed. Money is exchanged for keys. Congratulations, you now own the business.

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Entrepreneurship Guide

Core Principles

Principles I Stand Behind

1. When selling a business, the sale is done in secret. Confidentiality is imperative to avoid disruptions with creditors, customers, suppliers and employees.

When selling property, the sale is done in the open market. Maximum exposure is essential

2. For a sale to occur seller and buyer have to come to an agreement.

"People want to do business with someone they like. If people like you, they're going to want to do business with you. And if they don't, you're going to have an almost insurmountable obstacle to overcome."
  -  Barbara Corcoran, Entrepreneur

3. Opportunities in business and in real estate are all based upon probability and timing.

Increase your chances of making a great deal!

SELLING: Increase number of viewers by marketing in avenues that generate the most circulation. More viewers give you more chances of finding a good buyer for your business

BUYING: Increase the number of business buying opportunities and write offers on opportunities you are interested in. The more businesses you see and the more offers that we write, the better chance you have of finding a excellent opportunity.

TIMING: Is it the right time now? If you spend too much time thinking about this, the opportunity may pass.

The magic question, when is it the right time?

If you do not try now you may regret it later.

"The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream."
    - Less Brown

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Good Deals

Incredible deals here

There are many deals available but a GOOD deal may not reveal itself unless you are paying close enough attention.

A GOOD deal may require countless hours of research and/or preparation.

If you see an opportunity, go NOW, get information NOW, write a contract NOW.

Later may be too late.

"Good deals are here now but they do not last forever"

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See through the eyes of a buyer

Look at a business through the eyes of a BUYER:

You can't value a company simply by looking at its sales.

Yes, every industry has a rule of thumb for valuations and usually it's expressed as a multiple of sales, but that's a matter of habit and convenience.

The two things that are that MOST buyers are interested in is:

1. Free cash flow: Free cash flow is a function of profit, not sales. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, or known as "EBITDA"

2. Potential: What is also purchased is the potential to make money in the future.
    Are the sales increasing?
    Can the sales increase and how will this happen? (How soon & what will it take to make it happen?)

What can a buyer review in assessing the price he or she is willing to pay?

The seller should have answers available for most of the pertinent items on the following checklist. The more favorable each item is, the higher the price.

  • Stability of Market
  • Stability of Historical Earnings
  • Cost Savings Post-Purchase
  • Minimal Capital Expenditures Required
  • Minimal Competitive Threats
  • Minimal Alternative Technologies
  • Reasonable Market
  • Large Market Potential
  • Reasonable Existing Market Position
  • Solid Distribution Network
  • Buyer/Seller Synergy
  • Owner or Top Management Willing to Remain
  • Product Diversity
  • Broad Customer Base
  • Non-dependency on Few Suppliers

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W H A T    O U R    C L I E N T S    S A Y

"Andre was very helpful throughout the selling process. He made sure both the buyer and I were on the same page, avoiding any miscommunication. I highly recommend Andre as a Business Broker. I will be sure to contact him again if another opportunity arise."

-- Mika H.

"Andre goes above and beyond as a Business Broker. Despite his many clients, he makes time for you regardless whether you are a high profile client or not. He is very approachable, and will definitely work with you to get the Business of your dreams. I would strongly recommend Andre for a business sale. "

-- Paul R.

"I purchased a liquor store from Andre and he did a very good job. The best was that he was able to help negotiate a really good lease with lower payments and a good term. This was really important to me."

-- Baseem N.

"Andre helped me with my Smoke shop and did a great job in valuation and helped explain all the paperwork that we needed for the sale of my business."

-- Malik J.

"Great to work with and he is very knowledge. I would not rely on anyone else when it comes to business sales in Orange County."

-- Tom A.

"Andre was very helpful in leasing my Auto repair shop in Whittier. We have great tenants and they pay the rent on time."

-- Habib G.

"We came to Andre to find a business that I can work together with my wife. He helped us purchase a Mail Box and Postal business in a great area. He did a great job in explaining everything and assisting us throughout the whole process."

-- Jack M.

"I am a chef and I am very picky about what type of restaurant I want and location and clientele is very important to me. Andre was very helpful in finding me the right location and explain everything about the restaurant business. He has helped me a lot and I contribute a lot of my start-up success to him."

-- Talia M.

"I had a retail shop and Andre was able to help me transition for retail to focus only online. He helped me cut my expenses and helped me focus on my core business. "

-- Donny.L.

"Andre has been great at helping me purchase a bar. I gave him specifics of what I was looking for and within a few month he had already located two bars that had fit my criteria. He is very knowledgeable and good at his work."

-- Tom A.

"I owned two successful franchises for many years and I was looking take more time off. My wife is my partner in the business and she wanted to spend time with the grandkids. I listed my business with a terrible broker who wasted my time. I was very frustrated. Andre had contacted me shortly after I canceled the listing with the other agent. Andre had great follow up and seemed very knowledgeable. Every time he would call he would tell me about a client he would like to present my business too. After a few months I listed my business with him. I was very happy I did because he did an excellent job throughout the whole process. We had several people interested and he was able to get me a good price for the sale of my business. My wife and I are very grateful for his help and would definitely recommend him."

-- Will G.

"I called Andre because I was looking for a business that I can have as an absentee owner. He had mentioned that it was difficult to find in our price range but within a short time he was able to find us a franchise in a great location that had just dropped the price. It had allot of interest. Andre was able to help us negotiate the price and help us with the entire purchase. He represented us and the seller and he was very good at looking out for each of our interests. He did an excellent job."

-- Peter F.

"I have two businesses that Andre has helped me with and he has done a great job. One of the businesses he brought me two offers almost at the same time, and both times he helped me negotiate the best terms. He was very helpful in helping me sell my businesses."

-- Chris M.

"Andre helped me with the sale of my laundromat. I was not sure at first if he could help because he was in Orange County and I was in San Diego. Over the phone he assured me that there would be no problem. I am very glad I confided in him. We had some struggles in the beginning but after turning down a few low offers he finally brought me a great buyer that happened to live just a few miles away. We came to an agreement on price and I was able to successfully sell my business."

-- Tracy F.

"I was looking for a location to move by business. I needed to be closer to the beach. I was referred to Andre by a friend of mine and he was a great referral. After I met with him he immediately got to work. After looking at many places he was able to find me a great location right next to PCH. We even were able to work out a deal with the landlord to give us time for our buildout"

-- Lalani L.

"Andre helped me with my property in Los Angeles. In less time than I expected he was able to help me find a good tenant and paying the rent I wanted."

-- Eliot F.

"I am part of an investment group and we have been purchasing companies that match what we have in our portfolio, manly these are businesses consisting of manufacturing and distribution. Andre was able to help us purchase a very nice little distributor in Costa Mesa that has been in business for over forty years. It was a great combination with all the connections we have already in place with the other business it fit perfect."

-- Jason C.

"Andre was very helpful with my transition of selling my restaurant in Los Angles. He is very trustworthy and I would recommend his services to whoever has an interest in selling arestaurant."

-- Willy C.

"I am the owner of a commercial &residential mortgage company and I have worked with Andre for many years. We have worked very well together with his knowledge of properties and business sales and my expertise in helping him with funding of niche business purchases."

-- Doyle G.

"I met Andre when I was looking to purchase a liquor store. I currently own three and looking to buy more. At the time I met Andre I had been considering selling a liquor store I had and I mentioned this to him in case he had any buyers. I later decided to work with him for the sale of my liquor store and I am very glad I did. He has done an excellent job and I will continue to work with him for all my liquor store purchases or sales."

-- Mike A.

"Andre was very helpful in purchasing a liquor store. He helped me get it at a very good price. It was very good also because it was very close to my home in Huntington Beach."

-- Ayman A.

"I am a Paint Contractor for commercial properties and Andre has been great in helping me expand my business. I am always looking to purchase new accounts and I look forward to his next call when he has another book of business for me to purchase."

-- Jimmy I.

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What justifies a higher or lower sales price

Higher Sales Price:

  • A consistent historical record of growth and profitability
  • 10+ years in business
  • Substantial hard asset value
  • Owner retirement
  • Absentee ownership
  • Stable management team in place
  • Long-term quality employees and customers
  • A broad diverse customer base
  • Apparent competitive advantages
  • Proprietary or exclusive products
  • Obvious opportunity for growth and/or obviously under-performing
  • Very clean books and records
  • Up to date assets and premises in superior condition
  • Highly favorable lease terms or ownership of real property
  • Desirable location
  • A high demand enterprise (manufacturing, distribution, or business to business service)
  • Easy to understand motivation for selling

Lower Sales Price:

  • An inconsistent record of historical profitability
  • Less than 3 years in business
  • Little if any hard asset value
  • Owner critical to operations, professional practices, or consulting
  • Substantial involvement of family or partners in operations
  • Few employees or a high employee turnover
  • Small customer base
  • A few customers accounting for substantial percentage of revenue
  • No apparent barrier for completion to enter the business
  • No clear opportunity for growth and/or improvement in operations
  • Questionable financial records
  • Out dated assets in need of replacement or heavy maintenance
  • Obvious deferred maintenance or capital reinvestment
  • Premises in disarray and/or unsuitable for operations
  • Unfavorable terms on leases
  • Undesirable location
  • A low demand enterprise (retail, bar, restaurant, or personal services)
  • Questionable rationale for sale


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